Mercy High School's Celebration of Zdena Berger and Tell Me Another Morning: Holocaust Remembrance MONTH



Mercy High School in San Francisco adopted Tell Me Another Morning for their All-School Read during Holocaust Remembrance Month.

Using the Paris Press Study Guide (available on this site free of charge), Mercy teachers incorporated Tell Me Another Morning into Language Arts, Social Studies, Art, Theater, Chorus, and Dance classes.

In response to Tell Me Another Morning, an autobiographical novel by Zdena Berger, students from Mercy High School created collages and other art to convey and comprehend their experience of Berger's story. Tell Me Another Morning, by Zdena Berger, published by Paris Press in 2007.

An all-school program at Mercy High School including a reading from the book by author Zdena Berger, a student theatrical adaptation from Tell Me Another Morning, a student choral performance, and a choreographed dance performance created by Mercy High School students. Tell Me Another Morning by Zdena Berger was published by Paris Press in 2007.