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Spiraling Submissions are now being accepted

spiraling Guidelines

Paris Press is excited to publish women's voices through Spiraling, our online literary blog. Submissions to Spiraling are accepted through Submittable. The Press welcomes up to 3 poems per submission (90 line maximum), or up to 400 words for creative nonfiction and short stories. The fee per submission is $6.


Paris Press is not accepting manuscripts at this time. We will post a notice here when we are able to accept new submissions.



When submitting your manuscript through Submittable, follow instructions. All manuscripts should include two cover pages. The first should state the title of your manuscript, your name, email address, snail-mail address, and phone number; the second cover page should only include the title of your manuscript. 

In the biographical information box, include acknowledgments as well as a statement that lists previous publications, pertinent biographical information, and why you believe Paris Press is the right publisher for your work.

Prose manuscripts should be 64 - 320 pages, double spaced and numbered, with 1 " margins. 

Poetry manuscripts should be 48 - 96 pages. 1 1/2 spaced, with 1 " margins."

Questions about submissions?  Contact



Paris Press only publishes groundbreaking yet overlooked literature by women. All manuscripts submitted to the Press in 2014 are being reviewed now. The Press expects to make decisions about all manuscripts by June 30. We apologize for this delay.

The Press will announce its next period of full manuscript submissions in 2016. We will welcome submissions of poetry, prose, and graphic novels.

Paris Press does not publish scholarly works intended exclusively for an academic audience, however the Press welcomes cross-over books. All Paris Press books are included as course adoptions in undergraduate and graduate courses, in some secondary schools, and in nursing and medical schools.

The Press now only accepts manuscripts through Submittable. No snail mail manuscripts will be read. The Press follows the CLMP Code of Ethics. Contest manuscripts should not include your name or information that infers the identity of the author.

Paris Press values literature in all genres that is daring and beautiful in style and content. Please familiarize yourself with our books to make sure we are an appropriate publisher for your work. A fee of $25 will be required to cover the expenses of evaluating all general manuscript submissions.

The Press encourages simultaneous submissions. If your manuscript is accepted elsewhere, please immediately notify the Press at