Look to the Future (CD)


Look to the Future (CD)

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By Ruth Stone

Introduction by Bianca Stone

Poetry—Audio CD


Also by Ruth Stone: Ordinary Words, Simplicity 




5 1/2 x 5 x ¾

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“A new release of this recording features an essay by Bianca Stone, whose work is included in Best American Poetry 2011 (Scribner). She writes, ‘There was something extraordinary in Grandma’s presence when she read her poems aloud. This other person emerged, a battle-axe with my grandmother’s reading glasses on, one moment cursing the abyss, and the next laughing into it. She taught me about intensity and humor. It was as if her poems carried her through all the tragedy and comedy in life, and in front of an audience she lifted her listeners up and carried them along with her.’” — Boston Globe