The Eleanor Lazarus Educational Outreach Initiative

The Eleanor Lazarus Educational Outreach Initiative serves as an umbrella for Paris Press's sponsorship of readings and multimedia educational programs for students and adults throughout the United States. These events take place in eclectic venues, including libraries, hospitals, colleges and universities, secondary schools, community centers, museums, senior centers, churches, synagogues, bookstores, private homes, and at conferences.

Paris Press books expand the education of teens and adults. They are taught as course adoptions and all-school reads in secondary schools, colleges and universities, and community venues around the country. Virginia Woolf's On Being Ill with Notes from Sick Rooms by Julia Stephen (Woolf's mother) is used as a course adoption in literature courses, women's studies curricula, as well as in Narrative Medicine Programs, Medicine and Humanities Programs, medical schools, and nursing schools.

Rengas written by audience members who attended the Press's series "Reading and Writing Through Illness" will be posted here soon. This community outreach program sprang from the publication of On Being Ill with Notes from Sick Rooms and was sponsored by the Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities. More programs are planned for 2016, with support from the Schocken Family Foundation and other donors.

The Life of Poetry, Muriel Rukeyser's groundbreaking collection of essays that inspired the founding of Paris Press, is beginning to be taught in Teacher Educational Programs to help students overcome their discomfort with poetry and learn to integrate poetry and the arts into their classrooms. A Teacher's Guide for The Life of Poetry is presently in production and will be available through the Paris Press website in 2016. Paris Press will participate in workshops with secondary school teachers after the Teacher's Guide is available, to assist teachers in the use of The Life of Poetry throughout their curricula.

A panel  "Teaching: The Life of Poetry and Muriel Rukeyser" was featured at the 2015 Association of Writers and Writing Programs Conference. To listen to the fabulous AWP audio podcast of Jen Benka, Jan Freeman, D. Nurske, Renee Olander, and Tim Seibles discussing Rukeyser and The Life of Poetry, click here.

For information about scheduling readings and outreach programs, please contact Jan Freeman, the Director of Paris Press, at


A taste of Paris Press educational outreach programs

Paris Press BOOKS in Your Classroom

Paris Press encourages the use of our books in secondary schools, colleges, universities, community study groups, and Literature and Medicine Programs. We are in the midst of developing Study and Resource Guides and Reading Guides for all of the Paris Press books to assist you in your teaching and discussions.

We ask teachers and professors to request that your institution and/or your students purchase Paris Press books for course adoptions. The Press often offers visits from writers, editors, and the Director, Jan Freeman, to meet with students and teachers about the Paris Press books used in your classroom.

Please refrain from photocopying long passages from our books for your students. In order for Paris Press to publish daring and beautiful books, we rely on the public to buy them. Sharing large passages from our books as PDFs and/or photocopies infringes on copyrights and makes it impossible for Paris Press to keep our books in print and diminishes our ability to publish new titles.

Paris Press operates on a very lean budget. Please help us by including our groundbreaking books in your classroom. Most books will be available as e-books and audio books by 2017. Many thanks for your support.

Where To Find Us

Paris Press books are available through this website, in bookstores nationally and in Canada, and through online sites. Paris Press books are distributed to the trade by Consortium Book Sales and Distribution/Perseus.

Keeping the Press Alive

Paris Press is funded primarily through grants from public and private foundations and contributions from individuals. Book sales provide a small percentage of our budget.

The Press welcomes feedback about our publications and outreach programs. We also welcome volunteers from around the US. If you have comments or questions, please contact us at