Spiraling Poetry: Carla Drysdale


My mother                              Never understood

waits again for                        why I had to write

me to get                                 the truth

in the car                                  go to church

leave it all                                 to God

God is good                             to stay alive

I’ve forgotten                           to come home

again                                        drunk on words, wine

telling things                            I’ve written about

smelling the rich                      animal scent

honky-tonk song                     mother’s purple suede coat   

she wore                                   like a mantle

to cover herself                        all those pre-dawn mornings

pitching horse shit                   in the barn

About Carla Drysdale

Carla Drysdale lives in France. Her books are Inheritance and Little Venus. Her poems appear in PRISM International, The Same, LIT, The Fiddlehead, and other journals. Pulitzer-prize winning composer David Del Tredici set her poem "New Year's Eve" to music. In 2014 she won the Earle Birney poetry prize.